Technical Diving – Rebreathers (CCR)

For many technical divers a closed circuit rebreather (CCR) is the preferred way to dive when it comes to technical diving. There are many advantages to using a closed circuit rebreather for technical diving. One of the most important advantages is that, because the air you breathe is recirculated and scrubbed of CO2, your air supply lasts much longer than in open circuit technical diving, allowing you to dive deeper and for longer. Secondly, the cost of helium means diving trimix on open circuit can be prohibitively expensive. For these reasons, amongst others, many technical divers now prefer to use a closed circuit rebreather.

As a potential rebreather diver it is important to recognise that all rebreather units have their own specific design, construction and operation and, because of this, training and certification are specific to the unit being used or purchased. At Calero Diving we can provide training on most of the world’s leading rebreather units (see below). Our training options range from your first try dive on a rebreather, right through to hypoxic trimix diving to 100 metres or more, and instructor training for those divers who wish to become rebreather instructors themselves. Calero Diving is accredited by two of the world’s leading dive training agencies TDI and SSI to provide rebreather training. For more information on these agencies click here and for advice on which unit or training agency will best suit your needs please contact us at

Please note: courses are specific to each rebreather unit. Information on what training courses are available for the unit you are interested in can be found on the individual unit information pages that can be accessed below.

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