rEvo Rebreathers – Unit Information and Training Courses

The rEvo III is available in several different versions: standard, mini and micro.  The main differences between these units are size and weight . One feature common to all of the units, and unique to the rEvo, is the use of dual scrubber units which increases the units redundancy and safety. Like many rebreather units nowadays the rEvo features back mounted counter lungs which are enclosed within the unit’s back mounted casing.

rEvo Training Courses

Currently, Calero Diving only provides training and certification for the rEvo rebreather via Scuba Schools International (SSI). We offer the full range of SSI’s rebreather courses on all rEvo configurations. SSI’s rebreather courses run from the basic CCR Diving which certifies you to dive to 30 metres using air diluent through to the CCR Hypoxic Trimix course which certifies you to dive using hypoxic trimix diluent with unlimited decompression. All courses are taught to cover general rebreather theory as well as providing you with the knowledge and skills specific to the rEvo.

For more information on each of SSI’s rebreather training courses click on the relevant badge below.