TDI Mixed Gas CCR

The TDI Mixed Gas CCR Diver course is the next step into closed circuit rebreather diving, it is your opportunity to explore a little deeper. During the course your TDI Instructor will teach you all the necessary skills to conduct CCR dives utilizing Normoxic Trimix as a diluent gas with oxygen levels as low as 16 percent. The course will prepare you to plan and undertake dives to a maximum depth of 60 metres. In order to safely use Helium as part of your diluent gases it is important that you understand gas physiology and how oxygen, nitrogen and helium can affect your body. This knowledge and associated formulas then have to be applied to your dive planning to ensure your safety during dives and decompression.

In water skills are also emphasised especially in simulated emergency situations including:

  • CCR failure
  • Flooded unit
  • Cell reading errors
  • Rescue of toxed diver.

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  • The TDI Mixed Gas CCR Diving course costs €1850 (plus all gases at cost) and includes six open water dives. The course can be completed in four days and is open to any diver holding the required prerequisites.