The TDI Air Diluent Deco CCR course is designed to meet the needs of open circuit technical divers, or entry level CCR divers, looking to utilize CCR technology to extend their depth limits and bottom times. During this course, your TDI Instructor will teach you all of the necessary skills to conduct decompression CCR dives to a maximum depth of 40 metres using air diluent. In addition to extending the skills learnt in the introductory CCR Diver course, this course emphasises the skills and techniques required in simulated emergency and bail out situations, especially where a decompression commitment has been accumulated. These skills include:

  • Manual control of set point,
  • Ability to deploy SMB or lift-bag solo and as a member of a team
  • Demonstration of appropriate reaction to gas hemorrhage from manifold or first stage, SPG and primary regulator
  • Demonstration of appropriate reaction to simulated free-flowing deco regulator
  • Buddy breathing deco gas for at least 1 minute

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  • The TDI Air Diluent Deco CCR Diving costs €1650 and includes seven open water dives. The course can be completed in five days and is open to any diver holding the required prerequisites.