Become an SSI Advanced Instructor

Becoming an SSI Open Water Instructor is the rating that most dive professional aspire to. However, as the title suggests this only allows you to teach open water students. As you will know from your own experience there are many divers who want to progress further to become advanced open water or master divers or divemasters. In order to be able teach such courses you need to become an advanced instructor.

As with becoming an advanced diver, the basis of coming an advanced instructor are the speciality instructor ratings. Simply put this means that to be able to teach an SSI speciality course such as deep diver or DPV/Scooter you must be an instructor in that particular speciality. SSI Instructors can obtain as many speciality instructor ratings as they wish, the more you have the higher can be your overall instructor. There are a number of advanced instructor ratings as follows:

Advanced Open Water Instructor: For this you require four open water speciality instructor ratings and you must already be qualified as an Open water Instructor.

Divemaster Instructor: For this you require five speciality instructor ratings, one of which must be Science of Diving Specialist Instructor. The prerequisite for this rating is that you must already be certified as an Advanced Open Water Instructor.

Dive Control Specialist Instructor: This rating allows you to organize and conduct the Assistant Instructor/Dive Control Specialist training programme. Candidates will learn how to evaluate and provide feedback to dive professional candidates in a variety of in-water and academic settings. The prerequisite for this rating is that you must be qualified as a divemaster instructor.