AP Inspiration- Unit Information and Training Courses

AP Diving are pioneers in rebreather diving producing the world’s first production closed circuit rebreather in 1997. AP Diving have continued to innovate and with a range of chassis sizes, harnesses, wings and cylinders AP Inspiration rebreathers are custom built to suit your size, frame and the type of diving you plan to do. There are multiple upgrade options from gas connection systems to choice of front or back mounted counterlungs, to deco options up to advanced Trimix. This means that the AP inspiration is a truly flexible and versatile rebreather that can be configured to perfectly suit your diving needs.

For detailed information and specifications of the AP Inspiration click here.

Training on the AP Inspiration Rebreather

Calero Diving offers training courses on the AP Inspiration rebreather that are certified by TDI. TDI’s courses range from air diluent introductory diving to 30 metres  through to hypoxic trimix diving to a maximum of 100 metres.  If you need advice on course content and suitability please do not hesitate to contact us at info@calerodiving.com