The SF2 rebreather is a fully electronic CCR designed and manufactured in Germany and used by divers all over the world. The SF2 is available in both backmount and sidemount configurations and is especially suited to ambitious technical diving.

The counter lung is positioned in the lower section of the carbon fiber body of the rebreather. The positioning of the lung benefits the diver with puncture protection while helping maintain a stable horizontal position required for overhead environments and technical level dives with minimal buoyancy shift unlike over the shoulder and rear mounted lungs, the counter-lung Incorporates the over pressure valve on the bottom of the rebreather, this is automatic on ascent or overpressure reducing task loading. Its position and design gives the added advantage of allowing the removal of water from the unit with a very simple diluent flush.

For detailed information and specifications of the SF2 rebreathers click here.

Training on the SF2 CCR

Calero Diving offers training courses on the SF2 rebreather that are certified by TDI. TDI’s courses range from air diluent introductory diving to 30 metres  through to hypoxic trimix diving to a maximum of 100 metres. The course options are available on both the backmount and sidemount configurations. Although the courses offered by the different agencies are similar you will need to choose which agencies courses best suit your needs. If you need advice on course content and suitability please do not hesitate to contact us at info@calerodiving.com