Meg 15 and Pathfinder- Unit Information and Training Courses

The Meg15 and Pathfinder rebreathers are produced in the USA by Innerspace.  The Meg15 is the first and only CCR systems that have an open architecture framework to support a variety of CO2 scrubber systems, electronics, gas supply cylinders, and harness and buoyancy devices. This modular approach enables the user to configure the Meg to meet their operational requirements.  the Meg was designed for the most demanding dives with consideration for the diver and their needs. With its versatility of design, it can be configured to meet any level of diving and keep pace with the divers skill levels. 

For detailed information and specifications of the Meg15 Rebreather click here.

The Pathfinder rebreather is an ultra lightweight travel-friendly closed circuit rebreather with ISCan Electronics. IScan™ is the next generation electronics developed by Innerspace System Corp.  Handsets, HUDs and various sensors can operate independently and in concert to increase safety, redundancy and to reduce single points of failure. The Pathfinder can be configured with just Oxygen mounted and off board diluent or with both O2 and Diluent (2 or 3 litre) mounted.

                                                                    For detailed information and specifications of the Pathfinder Rebreather click here.

Training on the Meg15 and Pathfinder Rebreathers

Calero Diving offers training courses on the Meg15 and Pathfinder rebreathers that are certified by TDI. TDI’s courses range from air diluent introductory diving to 30 metres  through to hypoxic trimix diving to a maximum of 100 metres.  If you need advice on course content and suitability please do not hesitate to contact us at