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A whole world of wonderful wrecks

For many divers diving means wrecks and as many as possible. Mention Truk lagoon or Thistlegorm to these divers and they will enthuse for hours. The reason for this is that wreck diving opens up a whole new world of diving. Not only can you get to look at some amazing ships, but wrecks also become artificial reefs and attract an abundance of marine life. The SSI Wreck Diving speciality introduces you to this new world of diving.

The SSI Wreck Diving speciality gives you the skills and knowledge required to begin to explore the wonderful world of wrecks. The course teaches you how to safely scuba dive above and around these underwater treasures. In order to progress to wreck penetration you will need this speciality to be able to undertake more advanced wreck courses.

  • The SSI Wreck Diving course costs 190€ and includes two open water dives. The course can be completed in one day and is open to any diver holding an Open Water certification.