Rubicon Diving Lanzarote | Dive Sites | Cathedral

The Cathedral is one of Lanzarote’s most well known dives and is one that you will surely want to add to your logbook. The dive site is so named because the large cavern that it is named after is said to resemble a cathedral complete with an altar area at the rear of the cavern. The dive site is located at around 30 metres depth and is a favourite site for those divers moving up from open water to advanced open water diver.

When you visit the cathedral remember to keep your eye out for one of the many large groupers that reside in this area. also take your time to explore the reef around the cathedral with its many ledges and small openings often containing surprises. There is also the wreck of a small fishing boat nearby that lies below the reef wall that runs west of the cathedral. This area is well known for the gruppas that can be found here.