The next step in becoming a teaching dive professional

The SSI Divemaster certification is the first step in becoming an SSI teaching professional. In order to become an SSI divemaster you must first satisfy a number of prerequsites to undertake the dive guide specialisation. You first need a minimum certification as an advanced adventurer or advanced open water diver with at least 40 logged dives.  You must also be certified as a stress and rescue diver and have experience in a number of relevant open water dive specialisations. These specialisations are important for working as a dive guide as other divers will be reliant upon you for their safety and enjoyment.

The main difference between the dive guide and divemaster ratings is that the latter is the first stage in becoming a teaching/training professional. To become a teaching professional you need knowledge as well as practical experience and this you will gain through the SSI Science of Diving specialisation.

  • The SSI Divemaster course costs 850€ and consists of at least 10 open water dives, taking you to a minimum of 50 total dives upon completion of the course. You will also complete the Science of Diving specialisation which provides knowledge that is essential in teaching the physics and physiology of diving. The full course can be completed in two weeks and is open to any diver holding the required prerequisites.