If you are a diver it is very likely that you have seen or heard about rebreather diving. You may have thought what is all that gear for? or I would really like to try to that. Here at Calero Diving we can let you try out rebreather diving. But  be warned once you try it you may become addicted like many of us have!

Our rebreather try dive is a one day course that covers both theory and practice. Your day begins with a thorough explanation of the principles of rebreather diving. It is important that you realise how CCR diving is different from the open circuit diving that you are used to. You also need to understand how your rebreather unit is put together and how it works. Whilst the principles of CCR diving are fairly simple it is different from the recreational open circuit diving that you are used to.

When you fully understand the principles and operation of your rebreather unit it is on to the highlight of your day, your try dive. Your try dive will usually last about one hour taking you to a maximum depth of 18 metres. You will learn how your buoyancy control differs from open circuit and what to do if there is a problem with the unit. But most importantly you will learn and understand why so many of us have tried and become addicted to diving rebreathers. Get closer to the life underwater and understand why we call it silent diving!

If you want more information about our rebreather try dive package contact us at info@calerodiving.com

The rebreather try dive package costs 250€ and lasts one day. This course is open to any qualified Open Water Diver aged 16 or over.