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Oops! I stirred up the sand again.

When you dive keep an eye on your dive guide or instructor. Notice how they look so calm and in perfect profile. This is because they have good control of their buoyancy. When you first become an Open Water Diver you are like a learner driver who has just passed their test. You need to build your experience and expertise. The SSI Perfect Buoyancy speciality is the perfect course for this.

There are many advantages to improving your buoyancy. You will find that your air consumption improves and you can dive for longer. You are less likely to hit the bottom and stir up sand or silt or damage marine life and you look so much cooler! Perfect buoyancy is especially important if you want to take good photos or if you want to dive on wrecks or in caves where the silt can be very fine. If the sand is stirred up this is annoying for fellow divers as well as you.

For a video showing more details about this speciality – click here

  • The SSI Perfect Buoyancy course costs 190€ and includes two open water dives. The course can be completed in one day and is open to any diver holding an Open Water certification.