As an SSI Cavern Diving Instructor you will train divers to plan and execute dives that introduce them to the fascinating world of cavern diving. Within this speciality divers are trained to dive within the light zone to a maximum depth of 40 metres.  As part of the course divers must learn how to use specialised cavern diving equipment, gas management concepts and the buddy team skills needed to safely conduct cavern dives.

As with wreck diving, cavern diving involves entering an overhead environment with no direct access to the surface, but within the light zone. Because of this it is important that cavern divers are trained to use specialised  cavern diving equipment and have a through understanding of the techniques needed for cavern and cave diving. Upon completion of this program you will be certified as an SSI Extended Range Cavern Diving Instructor.

  • The SSI Cavern Diving Instructor course costs 500€ and lasts 2 days. The course is open to any instructor holding the required pre-requisites.