Kid’s Corner

Diving is not just for adults, at Calero Diving we offer a number of dive programmes specifically designed for children between the ages of 8 and 12. Child safety and having fun are our top priorities. Our kids dive programmes are taught by specially trained instructors in a pool, or protected confined water conditions, no more than 5 metres deep. Bring your child(ren) along and introduce them to the wonderful world of diving, you know they will thank you.

Try Scuba Pool

Just like the Try Scuba Diving programme for adultsKids Corner | Try Scuba Diving the SSI Try Scuba Pool programme is a chance for kids to have a go at diving. The main difference is that for youngsters the try dive takes place in the safer environment of the Marina Rubicon swimming pool. The structure of the kids programme is similar to that followed by adults. It is a half day course that covers equipment, theory and safety. Once these basics have been covered then it is off to the pool to begin exploring underwater and blowing bubbles!

The cost of the Try Scuba Pool package is €85. Minimum age 8.

The Scuba Rangers Programme

Kids Corner | Scuba Kids Club - Scuba RangersOnce your child has caught the diving bug you can enrol them in SSI’ Scuba Rangers Programme. Scuba Rangers is a club that offers various diving activities for children between the ages of 8 and 12. These activities, spread over five sessions, are designed to encourage children to increase their knowledge, skills and experience on their way to later becoming fully certified divers.

The activities that scuba rangers participate in include snorkeling, photography, marine life identification and navigation diving. A complete range of child friendly materials are provided to support these activities. The Scuba ranger programme is designed to appeal to kids who crave adventure, seek the challenge of learning new skills and want to gain an understanding of how to appreciate and preserve our underwater world.

The cost of the Scuba Ranger Programme is €325 (5 * 1 hour sessions). Minimum age 8.