Technical Guided Dives

Rubicon Diving is one of the only dive centres on the island that is able to offer guided technical dives to suitably qualified divers. We offer these dives on open circuit, sidemount and closed circuit rebreathers. Technical dives start from 40 metres and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and certification level, extending to 100 metres plus for appropriately qualified divers.

All of our guided technical dives are by boat to ensure your comfort and safety. Most dives depart from the harbour at Puerto del Carmen, however, if weather permits we can also arrange dives from Playa Blanca to the area of Pechugera west of the lighthouse. For keen wreck divers we can also arrange dives to 75 and 85 metres exploring the deep wrecks of two fishing vessels abandoned off the coast of Arreciffe.

Although our technical dives are guided, by their nature these are often exploratory in nature, taking in areas and sites rarely visited by other divers. For this reason it is important that you have with you all of the required safety equipment including technical diving and emergency SMB, main and back up torch and spare mask.

We offer guided technical dives using normoxic and hypoxic tri-mix as well as air and enriched air nitrox. We have two fully qualified gas blending technicians on-site.  We use only medical grade oxygen and premium helium when preparing our gases for tri-mix diving.

The standard cost for most technical dives is €90 per dive. This price includes the hire of bail out and stage tanks as needed and air and nitrox fills to 32 per cent. Fills with greater percentages of Oxygen or Helium are charged per litre click here for more information .