Cueva de las Gambas or shrimp cave is a popular dive site in Puerto del Carmen with advanced and technical divers. The cave is located within the reef wall at a depth of around 40 metres but below the cave the depth drops gradually to 100 metres plus. This makes the site very good for technical dive training. Due to its depth this site tends not to be visited by most divers making a peaceful as well as a very interesting dive site. For qualified technical divers we offer guided dives to the deeper depths below this dive site. For more information on guided technical dives click here.

On entering into the cave entrance keep your light covered and then uncover it when in the cave entrance. Watch as the shrimps scurry away for cover and then realise why the local groupers have been following you. The groupers will come past you and feast on the shrimps that you have thoughtfully illumunated for them!