TDI – Sidemount Technical Diving Courses

TDI’s Technical Diving Courses range from the introductory Advanced Nitrox course through to Advanced Trimix Diver. The main differences in the courses relate to the certification depth (from 30 to 100 metres), permitted gases, maximum certified decompression time and tank configurations. TDI’s Open Circuit technical dive courses can be taught either using the traditional back mounted twin set and stage tanks or the increasingly popular sidemount set up. Whichever type of configuration you choose to use TDI’s courses will teach you both the theoretical knowledge you will need as well as the in water skills needed to allow you to safely dive to your certified depth. The knowledge and skills taught in the courses include:

  • – Dive planning and decompression requirements
  • – Gas physiology, gas switches and dive management
  • – independent and team diving

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