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He’s got no tank on his back!

Sidemount Diving has been popular with wreck and cave divers for a long time. Sidemount diving gives them more flexibility and manoeuverability especially in the tight spaces that can be found in wrecks and caves. Increasingly, more and more recreational divers are being attracted to the benefits of sidemount diving.

Having no tank on your back and the change in buoyancy and profile that come with sidemount diving are benefits that many divers enjoy. The SSI Recreational Sidemount speciality teaches you how to set up and maintain your equipment and how to get the most enjoyment out of this increasingly popular way to dive.

  • The SSI Recreational Sidemount course costs €400 and includes four open water dives. This price includes hire of sidemount equipment and SSI certification. The course can be completed in two days and is open to any diver holding an Open Water certification.