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I want to go even deeper!

Hypoxic trimix diving is the pinnacle of technical diving. The maximum possible depths reached within the course are between 80 and 100 metres. Clearly diving to such depths is a serious undertaking and it is vital that you are properly prepared and trained to be able to dive to these depths safely. The use of hypoxic trimix gases means that the oxygen percentage in the gas mix being breathed is reduced significantly below the percentage found in normal air. The use of such gases requires careful planning as well as a detailed knowledge of the effects of such a gas upon your body and how this will change at different depths.

The SSI Hypoxic trimix course is designed to make use of all the knowledge, skills, equipment and experience learned during your previous training. The nature of the course will push your limits to the extreme. There are two pathways; one takes you to 80 metres and the other to 100 meters. Which pathway is best suited for you will be discussed with your instructor.  In planning and executing your dives you will now use a minimum of three stages for decompression and be introduced to the use of travel gases. These gases are used as ‘in between’ gases to transition from your bottom gas to your decompression gases. This is a rewarding and exciting course but make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared to take on the challenges that it will pose.

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  • The SSI Hypoxic Trimix course costs 1650€ and consists of six open water dives to a maximum depth of 80 or 100 metres. The course can be completed in 5 days and is open to any diver holding the required prerequisites.