The SSI Freediving Level 1 course is the first step on the ladder to becoming a fully certified freediver or instructor. As well as learning about the techniques that you can use to learn to hold your breath for longer, you will also learn about some of the important safety aspects that are vital when freediving. You will learn the importance of diving with a buddy to increase safety, and how to rescue a freediver from depth.

As part of the SSI Freediving Level 1 course you will make two open water boat dive sessions taking you to a maximum depth of 20 metres. The course also teaches about some of the equipment that you will need as a freediver, especially those cool looking freedive suits!

For a video showing more details about this speciality – click here

  • The SSI Freediving Level 1 course costs 300€ and includes two open water dives. The course can be completed in two days and is open to anyone aged 12 or over. You must be able to swim.