The SSI Advanced Wreck Diving specialisation allows divers inside a wreck with limited penetration and as an instructor you will be responsible for ensuring that they are fully able to plan and execute such dives to a maximum depth of 40 metres. This means that divers must be aware of the risks involved in diving in an overhead environment. Divers must be trained to navigate within a wreck and to be able to use the necessary equipment to ensure their safety and comfort.

The training required for limited penetration diving includes overhead buoyancy control, the correct finning techniques, laying safety lines and the proper use of a light. The program can be completed wearing a single cylinder with either a pony cylinder or H/Y valve or a technical total diving system. Upon completion of the program you will be certified as follows: SSI XR Advanced Wreck Diving Instructor.

  • The SSI XR Advanced Wreck Diving Instructor course costs 500€ and lasts 2 days. The course is open to any instructor holding the required prerequisites.