Become a Certified Diver with Calero Diving

Becoming a qualified scuba diver is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. Once you are qualified you can show your certification anywhere in the world and dive. This could be a dedicated dive trip to a destination such as the Caribbean or maybe just diving for one or two days whilst on your holiday in Lanzarote. Becoming a certified diver provides you with the freedom dive with a buddy wherever and whenever you want.

Calero Diving is an accredited centre for teaching Scuba Schools International (SSI) dive programmes. For new divers we recommend SSI’s extensive range of dive training programmes.

Not only our all our instructors SSI certified, Calero Diving has two SSI Instructor Trainers on site. This means we can guarantee that all our dive staff are fully aware of any changes in SSI programmes and standards. For more information about SSI and becoming a certified diver click on the relevant tab below. 

For many divers the Open Water Diver certification is just the start of their diving experience. As an Open Water diver you can dive to a maximum depth of 18 metres. Whilst there is much to see and enjoy as an Open Water Diver, there is also much more that you can experience by becoming an SSI Adventure or Advanced Open Water Diver.

The basis of the SSI advanced scuba training is its wide range of dive specialities. These specialities include amongst others Confined and Open Water Programmes and Knowledge and Ecology programmes. Whether you want to learn about underwater navigation, diving with Nitrox or diving to 40 metres there is bound to be a speciality to suit you. If you are already a PADI certified diver and wish to become an advanced diver you can crossover to SSI or stay with PADI’s programmes if you prefer. For more information on SSI’s advanced scuba programmes click on the relevant image below.