Rubicon Shop – Choosing an SF2 Rebreather

The SF2 rebreather is a fully electronic CCR designed and manufactured in Germany and used by divers all over the world. The SF2 is available in both backmount and sidemount configurations and is especially suited to ambitious technical diving. (for more detailed information click on the URL below)

The leading mission statement followed in the design and engineering of the SF2 was to keep it simple and this objective is evident in all aspects of the rebreather.

The assembly and disassembly of the SF2 is very simple as the entire tube can be removed and all the internal parts easily reached.  The electronic chamber is located within the head and the scrubber canister is located between the head and midsection.

SF2 Backmount Ready to Dive (SFRTD)

The SF2 backmount configuration is very clean and simple and compared to many other rebreathers is compact and well arranged. All of the unit’s important components are integrated into the central carbon fibre tube.

The manual addition valves allow the diver to add both oxygen and diluent manually. This means that redundancy whilst diving is completely secured, increasing safety and security.

This design means that the SF2 needs significantly less volume that many other rebreathers. By providing for an ideal diver trim and ease of breathing the SF2 backmount rebreathers is ideal for divers who are looking to undertake deeper and more ambitious technical dives

One of the most innovative features of the SF2 is in the unique positioning of the counter lung. In other rebreathers the counter lungs are positioned either on the chest or on the rear of the unit. In contrast, the SF2’s bellows style counter lung is located in the lower tube. This leads to an ideal diver’s position in the water and reduced breathing resistance.


SF2 Sidemount (SF2SM)

The SF2 is the most popular sidemount rebreather with divers around the world. Again all of the main components, including the counter lung, are contained within the central tube. The SF2 Sidemount rebreather has a DSV/mouthpiece that was specially designed for sidemount application giving a more comfortable and easy breathe. The unit’s frame is made of stainless steel and fits very closely to the carbon tubes providing a slim and streamlined.

This compact design and the unit’s reduced weight (14 kg ready to dive) means that it is ideally suited to exploration dives in caves and wrecks. The compact design and low volume also makes the SF2 a good option for recreational and technical divers who want a low weight ratio.

Manual offboard gas can easily be added if needed. The manual O2 feed has been built directly into the body of the rebreather. This means the diver can add oxygen via a simple push button. The external (DIL) gas supply is by means of a one way adaptor and a quick disconnect female adaptor.