Santi Mens Dry Suits

Whilst wet suits are great for recreational divers and for diving in warm waters,  A dry suit is essential if you are a technical diver or regularly dive in cold water conditions. Whereas a wet suit keep you warm by using your body heat to warm the water in the suit this is not possible on long dives or in cold water conditions.

Santi has a range of mens dry suits to uit all dive conditions. Santi dry suits range from the lightweight E-Motion suit to the more durable E-Lite suit. These suits are available in a wide range of sizes, that can either be customized, with up to 4 amendments or ‘made to measure’ if you require more changes (€300). To see a video showing a guide to taking your measurements correctly click here.

Click on the relevant image(s) below for detailed information and prices of our range of dry suits. Please feel free to talk to us if you would like more information or advice on which dry suit best suits your requirements.