Wow diving a wreck at 60 metres!

For many divers technical wreck diving is what diving is about. Imagine yourself navigating your way through an old wreck. You visit the engine room and see the massive engines that drove the ship. On a different level you visit crew or passenger quarters, you find the bridge and imagine how the captain felt standing there. These are marvelous moments for divers, but you must remember that within a wreck you are in an overhead environment with no direct access to the surface. It will be dark within the wreck, often there can be tangles of wire and metal that need to be avoided, the silt within a wreck can be very fine and may take along time to settle if disturbed. These are aspects of technical wreck diving that you must be aware of and be prepared and able to deal with.

The SSI Technical Wreck diving course allows unlimited decompression wreck penetration to a maximum depth of 60 meters (during training). As with other overhead programmes, the training required for this type of diving requires high-level buoyancy control, correct finning techniques, line laying and the proper use of a light. You will also learn about a lost line, lost light and lost diver procedures. All of these procedures are important to increasing and maintaining your safety and enjoyment.

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  • The SSI Technical Wreck Diving course costs 655€ and consists of six open water dives to a maximum depth of 60 metres. The course can be completed in one week  and is open to any diver holding the required prerequisites.