As an SSI Technical Extended Range Instructor you teach divers how to plan and dive to a maximum depth of 60 metres. You will learn how to teach divers to plan and execute dives incorporating two gas switches, increased decompression time and multiple decompression stops. Diving to a maximum depth of 60 metres also requires the addition of helium to your gas mix. This means diving with a tri-mix gas consisting of helium, oxygen and nitrogen. Within this course you teach divers how to plan and use normoxic tri-mix gases with an oxygen of between 18 and 21%

The aim of the SSI Technical Extended Range instructor course is to provide you with the training and knowledge necessary to teach how to plan and conduct two-gas switch, multiple-stop decompression dives. The course also teaches the importance of using specialised diving equipment and procedures. As part of the course you will also learn how to teach students how to dive with an equally-qualified dive buddy working together as a team when diving.

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  • The SSI Technical Extended Range course costs 1450€ and lasts 4 days. The course is open to any instructor holding the required prerequisites.