The Quiquere wrecks is a group of three small wrecks just outside of the marina at Puerto Calero. These wrecks are medium sized fishing vessels and together make for a very interesting dive. The wrecks are still quite complete and although penetration is not possible they are a good introductory dives for divers who are interested in the SSI wreck speciality courses.

With our new dive centre location at the Costa Calero hotel and our dive boat mooring at the marina there we are able to offer this dive on a regular basis. Puerto Calero is also very close to the old harbour at Puerto del Carmen where the harbour wrecks are located. This means that we are in an ideal position to be able to offer a wreck day dive combining both the Quiquere and harbour wreck dives as a complete package. If you are one of the many divers who are interested in wrecks then this might be an ideal package for you. Also ask about our wreck diving speciality courses and become an SSI advanced adventurer or advanced diver.