Hypoxic trimix diving is the pinnacle of technical diving and this course teaches you how to become an instructor who can train divers to go to even greater depths. The maximum possible depths reached within the hypoxic trimix course are between 80 and 100 metres. Diving to such depths is a serious undertaking and it is vital that all divers are properly prepared and trained to be able to dive to these depths safely. You must understand how to train divers to plan and execute dives using hypoxic gases and with multiple gas switches for accelerated decompression.

The SSI Hypoxic trimix instructor course is designed to enable you to train divers to make use of all the knowledge, skills, equipment and experience learnt during their previous training. The nature of the hypoxic trimix course will push divers limits to the extreme.  In planning and executing dives divers will use a minimum of three stages for decompression and be introduced to the use of travel gases.

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  • The SSI Hypoxic Trimix instructor course costs 1850€ and lasts 5 days. The course is open to any instructor holding the required prerequisites.