Liberty Rebreathers – Unit Information and Training Courses

The Liberty CCR is manufactured by Divesoft in the Czech Republic. The unit is the first rebreather in the world to be certified according to EN 14143:2013 without any exceptions or exclusions. The Liberty CCR is designed to be fault-tolerant using a combination of 4 oxygen sensors, two patented helium sensors, two methods of PPO2 measurement, 2 solenoid valves, a pair of independent computers and four displays. This design means that no single malfunction in the electronic system can cause a complete breakdown. In many cases, not even multiple malfunctions can cause a complete breakdown, as long as at least one control unit and any sensor are still operational.

Each computer has its own battery, depth sensor, two oxygen sensors a helium sensor and electrically controlled oxygen supply valve. In normal circumstances, the two computers communicate with each other and exchange data from the sensors and agree on which of them will add oxygen to the loop. If necessary, either computer can operate independently.

The Liberty rebreather was constructed with a maximum operating depth of 300m in mind and every part has been tested to 600 m. This means that the Liberty is a good choice for divers that want to undertake extreme or exploration technical dives in deep or confined conditions. The Liberty is available in both back mounted and sidemount configuration. There is also the option of a conversion unit that allows you to switch between configurations by swapping the scrubber canister and head. For more information click here.

Liberty CCR Backmount

The backmount set up is a simple yet solid and versatile configuration that can be used in most dive environments. The backmount design is both comfortable and user friendly, with quick and safe assembly. The unit feels very natural underwater and with front mounted counterlungs allows for perfect trim and easy work of breathing. With a variety of D Rings and buckles attached to the harness it is possible to personalize the unit and attach a large amount of bailout cylinders, lamps, reels, scooters etc.


Liberty CCR Sidemount

The Liberty Sidemount configuration is unique in being a completely standalone unit. This means that you can take the unit diving without the need for any offboard additions. The Sidemount configuration was originally developed for use in very tight environments such as caves or wrecks. However, the lightness, freedom of movement and neutral buoyancy that the unit offers means that it is also ideal for non-overhead environments. The Liberty Sidemount can also be used be used as a secondary or bail out rebreather if conditions demand this.