AP Inspiration – Unit Information and Training Courses

The AP inspiration rebreathers are manufactured by AP Diving in the United Kingdom. AP diving are one of the world’s leading dive equipment manufacturers and in 1997 were the first company to produce a commercially available closed circuit rebreather. At the time Diver magazine called it the most significant development in diving since Jacque Cousteau invented the aqualung. All components used in the units are manufactured by AP Diving and precision engineered to ensure the highest quality.

AP Inspiration rebreathers are custom built to suit your size, frame and the type of diving you plan to do. You can choose from 3 models, 3 chassis sizes, 5 harness sizes, 2 wing sizes, 2 cylinder sizes, 2 scrubber durations and multiple upgrade options from gas connection systems to choice of front or back mounted counterlungs, to deco options up to advanced Trimix.

There are three main models in the AP range: Inspiration xpd, Inspiration evp and Inspiration evo. The AP Inspiration range can be configured from recreational to technical CCR spec. One significant advantage of AP design’s is that the Inspiration is user upgradeable – by software upload and hardware plug-n-play. This means that whichever model you choose, it can develop with you as you progress.

Unit Differences

The differences between the three AP Inspiration units can be simply summarised as small, medium and large. They are identical apart from chassis length and they have different sizes (durations) of scrubber unit and cylinders. All 3 models have the same spec in terms of build quality, control systems and upgrade options. (Note: only the larger unit – the Inspiration xpd – can upgrade to a 22kg wing because of it’s chassis size). For a detailed comparison chart click here.

Which unit will best suit you will depend upon the type of diving you plan to do and how much importance you give to the size and weight of the unit chosen in relation to your body frame size. Note that:

  • All 3 units can be dived to technical depths with appropriate planning for diluent gas mix and off-board bailout gas contingencies.
  • When flying abroad you can reduce hold luggage weight by about 10kg on all units by packing the scrubber and head in your hand luggage and using the dive resort’s cylinders.
  • Each model has a full range of harness sizes from small to XXL.
  • There is a only a 5kg difference in ready-to-dive weight between the xpd and the evo.
  • All 3 units are approved (and can be spec’d for all training levels Rec to Tec) by TDI, IANTD, ANDI, IART, ETDS, PTA, SSI, ITDA, BSAC, PSA and RAID and PADI.